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Acoustic Guitar Pickups – an overview

Acoustic guitar pickup systems are made to record an acoustic guitar’s sound and amplify it using an amplifier or a PA system. Acoustic guitar pickups come in a wide range of varieties, each with an own set of features and capabilities.

The piezoelectric pickup is one of the most widely used types of acoustic guitar pickups. The vibration of the guitar’s top is transformed into an electrical signal by this sort of pickup using a piezoelectric crystal. The saddle, a little piece of plastic or bone on which the guitar’s strings rest at the bridge, is where the crystal is normally set. Piezoelectric pickups are favored for live performances because of their reputation for faithfully reproducing the guitar’s organic tone.

The magnetic pickup is an additional acoustic guitar pickup style. A coil of wire and a magnet are used in this sort of pickup to produce an electrical signal. A coil of wire is often positioned close to the magnet, which is typically found beneath the soundhole of the instrument. The magnetic field changes brought on by the vibration of the strings cause an electrical current to flow through the wire coil, producing an electrical signal that simulates the sound of the guitar. Magnetic pickups are a common option for studio recordings because of their reputation for producing a warm and rich tone.

The hybrid pickup, which combines both a piezo and a magnetic pickup, is a third type of pickup type that offers more tonal options and versatility.

While some acoustic guitars already have pickups, others need to have an external pickup attached. There are several ways to mount external pickups, including soundhole pickups, transducer pickups that attach to the guitar’s side, and certain surface-mounted pickups that are attached to the instrument’s surface.

When it comes to installation, certain pickups are rather simple to install, while others would need to be installed by an expert.

Acoustic guitar pickup systems are a crucial component of amplification systems for acoustic guitars. The variety of pickups offered ranges from the realistic sound representation of piezoelectric pickups to the warm, rich tone of magnetic pickups to the adaptability of hybrid systems, each with its own own set of qualities and skills. An acoustic guitar pickup system is a crucial tool for capturing the entire range of sound from your instrument, whether you’re playing live or recording in a studio.

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